Tuesday, 17th January 2017
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

The MSC Mission Support Centre

Welcome to the MSC Mission Support Centre, PO Box 23, Western Rd, Cork

Fr. Michael O’Connell, msc (Director of the Mission Support Centre)

A message from Fr Michael…“Thank you for visiting our online Mission Support Centre. I hope you enjoy looking through the following pages.Our MSC priests are only able to spread the Word of God and to help others because of your support.

Our promise to you is that each day, at home and on the missions, we offer up Mass for you, remember you in our prayer of the Divine Office and bring your needs and intentions to the Lord in our personal meditation time.

You are very much our partners in mission”.

Fr Michael O’Connell, msc Director of the Mission Support Centre

The Story of the MSC Mission Support Centre

The Mission Support Centre at Western Road in Cork was founded in 1964 principally to support the MSC missions in developing countries. It is the human face of MSCs to benefactors in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Through ongoing communication, chiefly by mail or by telephone, we create friends in these countries. Many of these friendships last a lifetime and continue down through the next generation.

The first Director of the Mission Support Centre was Fr. Hugh Hanlon, msc who recently returned from South Africa. He was followed by Fr. J.J. O’Brien, msc who sadly passed away in 2002. The current Director is Fr. Michael O’Connell, msc.

Role of the Mission Support Centre

Water flows from Fr. Pat Galvin’s well in South Africa – a project funded by our benefactors

Our role is to promote devotion to the Sacred Heart and to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, to encourage partnership in mission and to raise funds to support MSC missionary work. We achieve these objectives in a number of ways; through direct communication with our benefactors by letter and through our “MSC Message” magazine, through enrolment in the Golden Book of the Sacred Heart and the Blue Book of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, through Mass cards, mission appeals, mission projects and novenas and through pilgrimages and other gatherings.

People Look to MSCs for Healing

In today’s troubled world people of all ages have concerns and worries. They write to us with these concerns and difficulties. Some choose to ring in because their problem is so immediate and they want to turn to someone or somewhere to share their worries. They look to us for guidance and healing. They want our prayers in their time of spiritual need. It might be for themselves or for a loved one recovering from an accident or from a serious illness, or a family member taking exams, or a personal problem.

Our priests out in the mission fields cannot respond to them. On their behalf Fr. Michael listens to them as fellow human beings because he recognises in the faces of our brothers and sisters the face of Christ in suffering for the salvation of humanity. He shares in their difficulties to relieve their worries. He reaches out to them because every meeting and sharing of people is an exchange of gifts. “My gift is me, and your gift is you … we are gifts to each other”

MSCs are ever conscious of Isaiah (58:7-10): “Your integrity will go before you and the glory of the Lord behind you. Cry, and the Lord will answer; call, and he will say, ‘I am here’. Through Fr. Michael, MSCs are here for all who want to cry or to call.

Mission Boxes

The traditional Mission Box for small coins or loose change is as popular today as it was 40 years ago. MSC boxes will be found in many shops throughout Ireland. More recently families have been asking for them for display in their homes. This missionary spirit is a great way of passing on to children and young adults the gift of giving in addition to supporting our missionaries in their work.