Tuesday, 1st December 2015
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Home Mission

The home mission: Ireland, England and Wales

As the MSC congregation established itself in Ireland and England, so the decisions made about ministry commitments expressed our understanding of mission.

Our mission, taken from the spirit that we share with our Founder Jules Chevalier, is expressed primarily in the way we try to relate to people – with kindness and compassion.  By this we hope to lead them to understand more clearly how Jesus loves and understands them.  Our Constitutions remind us that “we want to live like Jesus who loved with a human heart” (CS 10).

To be on earth the heart of GodWe were not founded, as many other religious congregations were, to do any one particular apostolic work or to supply any one particular need. We were not founded just to teach, or just to run parishes, or just to work in hospitals.Our mission is “to be on earth the heart of God”.Following the example of Jesus and the inspiration of our Founder, we seek to lead others to the heart of God with kindness and gentleness, to unite them to him by love and to free them from all that holds them captive.

We have always undertaken our mission in whatever way we have believed to be most effective, doing whatever brings us into contact with people – especially those who most need our help.

In the home countries of the Irish Province (Ireland, England and Wales) we are currently involved in the following ministries:

Retreats, spirituality and spiritual accompaniment

Parish Ministry

Ecumenical and inter-faith ministry

Work with migrants and refugees

Secondary Education

School Chaplaincy

Third-Level education, research and writing

Hospital chaplaincy

Adult education and formation

Counselling and therapeutic ministries

Care and support for married couples and families


A ministry shared with lay partners in mission

We are blessed to work in close collaboration with many committed lay people who are true partners with us in mission.

Working alongside us in schools, parishes, retreat centres and local communities they too are carriers of the Gospel vision that captivated our Founder, Fr Chevalier.

Many of these have also been inspired by our spirituality and are committed in their own personal lives to advancing God’s reign of love and compassion.

Some have committed themselves to living the spirituality and mission of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart as Lay Associates of the Chevalier Family.

We, in our turn, have committed ourselves as a Province for many years to providing laity with opportunities for training and formation so that the Church of tomorrow is fully equipped to continue the mission of Christ.

The close collaboration that exists between our many lay partners and ourselves is a constant source of blessing, inspiration, challenge and growth for us all.