Saturday, 28th November 2015
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Scripture Reflection for 11th Sunday of the Year

Posted on 13. Jun, 2012

Fr. Michael writes … Growth is on our side.

This is an extraordinary week of grace in our country and faith. We are challenged to take up the burden and the privilege of growing and maturing. We are invited into the core of our Christian Mystery so that we get caught up in the river of God’s saving work, especially through a new vision of Eucharist, a new call to communion with Christ and each other.


God’s kingdom is about such communion. It is about a way of relating that dignifies us, grounds us in truth and integrity, that opens our eyes to the riches we have in Jesus Christ and the community of believers. It is about recognising God in each other, in our world, in all the struggles that make life meaningful.


We might get discouraged by this task. So much is to be done. Resources seem so small. But just note only twelve poorly educated men started out to bring Christ to the world.


But they knew  they were not alone. The power of the Risen  Christ was with them and in them. They realised that “Night and day, while we sleep, when we are awake, the seed is sprouting and growing. How,  we know not. But it produces, the shoot, the ear, the  fruit”.  Even if only a mustard seed, it grows the biggest shrub.


These early pioneers of faith wrote down the stories they lived and that is the gospel message for you today. Can you let it inspire you?